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Amplify is an all-day, in person, bootcamp training for students from every background that teaches students how to connect with voters at their doorsteps, how to listen to their stories, and how to integrate those stories into a message.

  • We teach people to meet voters where they are, and unite them around simple, achievable policy improvements.
  • We teach them how to be professional, how to plan a campaign, how to raise money for a cause, and how to tell compelling stories of their own.
  • We teach them to understand an opponent's point of view better than their own point of view, to find the right message that will resonate better.

Our instructors are experienced campaign managers, development professionals, recruitment specialists, graphic design and communications experts, and strategists who have tested these methods on the national stage and in local elections.

Learners rated their confidence across nine core political campaign competencies, before and after Amplify

Please consider making your most generous contribution that will help the Libertarian Policy Foundation keep Amplify training affordable, accessible, and impactful for as many activists as possible, so that we can grow our movement and help deliver Libertarian Policy Solutions where they are most desperately needed!

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