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About the Libertarian Policy Institute

We solve problems to make the real world better for people.

What is the Libertarian Policy Institute?

The Libertarian Policy Institute and its sister organization the Libertarian Policy Foundation exist to develop practical libertarian solutions to real world problems and to evangelize them to the world. We are stridently non-partisan and we work with anyone who will help empower people to improve the world without coercion. In the spirit of Franklin Douglass, we will "unite with anybody to do right and nobody to do wrong." We believe that working together with each other we can create a safe, secure, and prosperous society.

Real solutions...

We leave theoretical debates to others. Our proposals solve real problems while minimizing coercion and maximizing individual empowerment. They can be implemented in the real world now, not in the distant future.

...for real people.

We meet people where they are, not where we wish they were. Recognizing that people have their own beliefs and value systems, we work to craft persuasive messaging that resonates with diverse audiences without pandering. Our proposals are designed to align incentives and take into account resource constraints and human nature to bring people together to cooperate on shared goals.

Our core values

We want to build the most socially just society possible, with the least amount of coercion. Many people who share our values (or your values) want to take the shortcut of persuading just a few people in government to use force or the threat of force to implement those values. We acknowledge that this approach can produce some success, but that success is tainted by forcing others to live according to their values instead of persuading them to cooperate. We leverage the power of free markets and individual self-interest to keep our policy solutions in alignment with the goals they are designed to achieve. It is not enough to be right, we must also be persuasive, kind, and build solutions that work in an imperfect world.

About the Libertarian Policy Institute