Golden Spike Project

Scaleable, repeatable, and effective, the Golden Spike Project is our crown jewel. We start with a mailpiece to gauge interest and then follow all the way through to ensuring our candidates are placed on the ballot.

In 2022, we targeted several states to plant a Golden Spike of political competition.

  • In Arkansas, we were able to recruit 57 candidates for legislative seats across the state
  • In Alabama, we recruited an additional 67 candidates, challenging an incumbent political machine no other group had the will to challenge
  • In Iowa, we planted a Golden Spike that provided enough of a lift to re-file for major party status

But we want to do even more.

In 2023, several states have their entire legislatures up for re-election: Mississippi, Virginia, New Jersey, and Louisiana. Our goal is to contest at least a majority of each chamber, but with enough support, we'll go full speed ahead and run a candidate for every single seat.

Please give today if, like us, you want to see a libertarian choice on every ballot, championing real solutions to the real problems Americans face.

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