About our State Chapters

Our State Chapters have been organized to bring volunteers and valuable, local projects together to form the heart of our movement. Each Chapter will be focused on the issues the people of their state face in their real lives, bringing greater focus to the solutions that will work for them, while receiving support from and working in union with the national organization on issues important to liberty nationwide.

State Chapters will have access to deeper information to arm supporters, voters, and candidates with the unique knowledge they need to make a lasting difference in their community.

State Directors

Our State Directors are responsible for organizing local volunteers and projects of the Libertarian Policy Coalition in their respective states, and we are confident that they will bring energy, passion, and a deep commitment to the principles of individual freedom, limited government, and free markets to this important work.

All states with organized Chapters are listed below. Want to see your state on this list? Contact our Director of Operations Richard Manzo at [email protected] to learn about how you can found a Chapter in your state.



New Hampshire