What is the Libertarian Policy Foundation?

The Libertarian Policy Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) dedicated to educating stakeholders on the benefits of libertarian solutions and how to best implement them in their own communities. We create bold, inspiring, qualified leaders to champion these solutions through a robust training program. Created and offered by field experts, students learn how to initialize a campaign, interface with voters, build relationships with donors, and how to create broad coalitions to solve problems without regard to culture or politics.

Our unique vision...

The Libertarian Policy Foundation creates practical libertarian solutions to real-world issues individuals face in their communities. From research to education to implementation, the Foundation ensures effectiveness at every step.

...fills unique needs.

At the Libertarian Policy Foundation, we're aware that no two individuals, communities, and situations are exactly alike. We know that no two problems can be solved exactly the same way. That's why, above all else, we're focused on creating independent leaders who are qualified to implement a short-term solution and build a long-term vision. You know your community, and that's why we leave it to you to improve and cultivate.


For those who want to step up and lead, the Libertarian Policy Foundation offers candidate, activist, and campaign operative training courses tailored to the unique challenges libertarians face as well as the fundamentals of campaigning, outreach, and fundraising.

As we prepare for our inaugural training session, the Libertarian Policy Foundation welcomes input from our supporters on the topics you think are most important to our future organizers.

Courses offered will be led by field experts in a wide variety of vital political functions, including campaign startup and operations, voter outreach, marketing and communications, fundraising, field organizing, and legislating (once you win!). Our team members include current and former elected officials, prolific fundraisers and petition gatherers, campaign managers, non-profit leaders, and attorneys and judges. Our dynamic team is prepared to address concerns unique to libertarians, such as access to the ballot and equal treatment where required.


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Only donations to the Libertarian Policy Foundation, a 501(c)(3), are tax-deductible. As a 501(c)(4), our sister organization the Libertarian Policy Institute cannot receive tax-deductible gifts.