Executive Director Nicholas Sarwark appeared on Kennedy Saves the Nation, hosted by independent political commentator Kennedy. Sarwark discussed the importance of finding consensus around building liberty and making change by running issues-focused campaigns. 

"What we saw in Alabama--we had a candidate in a one-on-one race against the Republican lieutenant governor, and she got smoked 85 to 15," recalled Sarwark, "She didn't get a lot of votes, but she was focused on the grocery tax repeal. In this legislative session in 2023, after the election's over, that same opponent shepherded a bill through the legislature with overwhelming majorities in both houses to reduce the grocery tax in that state by 25%." 

"This had been an issue that progressive activists were working on for decades with no traction," explained Sarwark, "What it took was for the pressure to come from a different angle."

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Richard Manzo


Operations Director at the Libertarian Policy Institute