Executive Director Nicholas Sarwark sat down with Larry Sharpe to discuss the Libertarian Policy Institute's mission to drive change in communities across the country earlier this month. They highlighted the need to create a new generation of champions of liberty on Sharpe's show Libertarians Drinking Coffee Live.

Recalling the Golden Spike Project, Sarwark said "People loved the experience. They loved the experience of running with other people on a similar theme or message."

"But mostly, they would say, 'The one thing I would like more is to know what I didn't know before I started,'" continued Sarwark, "And you [Sharpe] have been to trainings, you've given trainings. You know a trained candidate is light-years beyond a candidate who doesn't have that training." 

The full video is viewable above. Tune in to hear the Libertarian Policy Institute's plan to recruit individuals to bolster liberty in their own communities and the Libertarian Policy Foundation's plan to train them to make a meaningful impact.

Richard Manzo


Operations Director at the Libertarian Policy Institute