Welcome, AMPLIFY students!

Below you'll find a set of templates intended for use with your AMPLIFY Training lesson. A step-by-step guide on how to fill in each template is included in our Promotional Materials Quick-Start Guide. Need to download or re-download the guide? Just click here.

A note on Canva

Canva is a light, user-friendly design tool that you can use right from your browser, so it doesn't require a high-end computer like some other design programs do. That being said, Canva is best used for the basics. It's a great tool for easily designing simple promotional materials, like rack cards, mailers, business cards, or quote memes without exceeding a small campaign's budget. When you need a high-quality design that you'll use everywhere, like a logo, it's always recommended to engage a professional designer.


Rack card: Edit on Canva

Mailer postcard: Edit on Canva

Quote meme: Edit on Canva

Business card: Edit on Canva

Note: If you're currently in an AMPLIFY Training session, once you're done filling in your sample designs, you can click here to find the folder to upload your work.

Example candidate profiles

Below you'll find three sample candidates that you can use as the basis for your review assignment. State and districts are up to you to decide. Any similarities to actual people or events is unintentional.

Nathan Jones

Candidate for Governor

Nathan Jones is a hardworking family farmer who understands how uniquely difficult it is to feed a family right now. Having seen first-hand the barriers to getting affordable, healthy food to market, Nathan founded Feeding Our Friends, a nonprofit dedicated to delivering fresh vegetables to remote areas of the state. As a planning board member, he led efforts to revitalize Carson City's downtown economy. He's resided in Carson City since his childhood, now with his wife Cindy, with whom he shares two children.

Priorities: Affordable, healthy food; Improving infrastructure; Ending the grocery tax

Positioning: Experienced leader with direct business experience and a proven record of fighting on the issues he's focusing his campaign on. 

Sarah Davis

Candidate for U.S. Congress

Sarah Davis is a fierce defender of individual liberties. After being wrongfully detained at a protest in college, she decided to enroll in law school after graduating with her Bachelor's in computer science. Since then, Sarah has dedicated her life to fighting to end police overreach and abuse as a civil rights attorney. Now a resident of Scoville, she lives with her husband Tom and serves as a Trustee of the public library.

Priorities: Ending qualified immunity; Legalizing cannabis; Lowering taxes on the working class

Positioning: Outsider firebrand who is willing to go toe-to-toe with big government lobbies.

James Williamson

Candidate for City Council

James Williamson has a proven track record of defending taxpayers as a member of our finance committee. Now, he wants to apply that same leadership to eliminating waste and misuse of public funds city-wide. As a forensic accountant, James has a wealth of experience in bringing accountability to businesses and elected officials alike. After graduating from Piscataqua State, he moved back to Hilldover City where he grew up.

Priorities: Ending misuse of public funds; Eliminating wasteful spending; Increasing efficiency of local operations

Positioning: Professional looking to move up the ladder of local government.