After months of work with professional instructional designers, we have created an original candidate training program that teaches candidates and activists how to run for office with a focus on libertarian policy solutions. Eight hours of high quality training with experienced campaign managers and trainers who bring real world experience to the next generation of candidates and activists.

We need your help to decide where to hold our very first "Amplify" training program this August.

We know that this training is going to have an incredible impact on every one of the participants and will take their next campaign to change an issue or get a candidate elected to the next level. You know what area of our country would most benefit from this crucial training resource.

We have come up with a short list of cities that are easily accessible for participants and provide a comfortable and supportive environment for them to learn and grow. 

Will you answer a few questions?
Which of the following cities should host our August Amplify Training Session?
Choose only one.