In case you missed it, our Executive Director Nicholas Sarwark joined the Kendall & Casey Show in Indianapolis, Indiana earlier this morning. They discussed the Libertarian Policy Institute's vision ahead of the 2023 legislative elections and 2024's general election.

As the conversation shifted to earlier Golden Spike Project states, Mr. Sarwark said, "These are issues that need to get done... for whatever reason, the dominant party in Mississippi, where four out of five seats go uncontested--they're not going to do them unless they get competition. So we recruit candidates on those issues, and we don't care how they run, to make sure everybody in the state--that's the goal--has someone running for House or Senate that they can vote for that will fix these problems." You can catch the full segment here.

Thank you to the Kendall & Casey Show and 93.1 WIBC for hosting.

Richard Manzo


Operations Director at the Libertarian Policy Institute