MANCHESTER, NH, May 17, 2022 – The Libertarian Policy Institute announces today that they have secured Edward Snowden as a featured speaker for the Libertarian National Convention later this month. Snowden will speak via video conference at the LNC’s breakfast reception on Friday morning, May 27th at 7:30 am at the Nugget Casino Resort in Reno-Sparks, Nevada. 

Edward Snowden, who is most famous for exposing the NSA’s secret and far-reaching data-harvesting programs used against American citizens, will speak to convention attendees before the gaveling in of the convention at 9:00 am. Snowden’s appearance was arranged by LPI’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Tara DeSisto, and was funded directly by one of the LPI’s most generous donors, Mr. George Phillies. 

“I am proud to bring to my Libertarian friends the words of the greatest living American Patriot, Edward Snowden. He took the choice before which the great Greek philosopher Socrates quailed. Snowden had the courage to leave behind his home, his friends, and his country to take refuge in foreign land,” Phillies wrote.

In addition to speaking at the Friday breakfast, Mr. Snowden will hold a brief Q&A with attendees.

“Edward Snowden showed America the illegal and immoral behavior of those in government power and has been persecuted by the government for revealing the truth of what was being done with our tax dollars,” said Nicholas Sarwark, Executive Director of the Libertarian Policy Institute. “Snowden is an inspiration to libertarians around the world, showing them the power of one brave person showing up for truth and transparency. I’m so glad our team at the Libertarian Policy Institute was able to give the attendees at the Libertarian National Convention the opportunity to hear his perspective on how we can be more effective in creating libertarian political change in the real world.”

About the Libertarian Policy Institute

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Richard Manzo


Operations Director at the Libertarian Policy Institute