In 2022, the Libertarian Policy Institute recruited over 140 candidates in four states, who went on to earn hundreds of thousands of votes.

We’re not slowing down in 2023.

Just after the 2022 election, we immediately got to work planning our next phase of Golden Spike recruitment projects. Four states hold legislative elections in the odd-numbered year before a Presidential election: Mississippi, Louisiana, New Jersey, and Virginia. First up on our election calendar this year is Mississippi.

Mississippi, like many other states, presents both a particularly restrictive filing period for prospective candidates and single-party control for several election cycles. Despite that, a focused effort by our team led by recruitment specialist Wes Benedict fired on all cylinders.

Our past success included 57 candidates in Arkansas and 69 in Alabama.

In one month, we were able to recruit seventeen individuals, real people like you, who are ready to stand for change. The five candidates for Senate and twelve for State House filed to run as Libertarians, which is the most for any party other than Republican or Democratic in 100 years!

That’s why we made a splash in Mississippi media when we shared news of our success.

The Mississippi Free Press, noting the lack of political competition in the state, wrote:

“Republicans and Democrats will not be the only candidates on the ballot in November, however. In a press release on Feb. 2, the Libertarian Policy Institute announced that it had recruited “the most candidates from a party other than Republican or Democrat in 100 years” in Mississippi.”

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Now, we’re moving on to ensure each of these candidates has the very best tools and information to champion libertarian solutions. On April 16 in Monroe, Louisiana, our sister organization, the Libertarian Policy Foundation, will be hosting a Candidate Prep Crash Course, the first session of its 2023 training plan.

Once we set our training site, we’ll share details on the venue. Until then, ensure you’re one of the first to find out and apply or just to forward it to a candidate it might help by signing up for our newsletter if you haven’t already.

We’re not nearly done with our plan for the year, so if you want to share in this success, please give your most generous donation today!

We’re looking forward to sharing more details soon.

Richard Manzo


Operations Director at the Libertarian Policy Institute