After spending the last year building up its infrastructure and drafting policy, the Libertarian Policy Institute has pushed forward into the New Year with a plan to improve communities across the country.

The political atmosphere over the last six years perfectly encapsulates the need for real people in politics, real people who are focused on making their communities better, freer, and more prosperous places.

Despite the need for real people in politics enacting real solutions to the issues their neighbors are facing, incumbent politicians often coast to victory for years. This isn’t because there just isn’t any interest in unseating these entrenched politicians.

Candidates who don’t belong to the Republican and Democratic parties face hurdles in nearly every aspect of campaigning. From stricter ballot access requirements to disregard by the media, anyone who rises above the traditional party framework to focus on policy is challenged before they even get a chance to start.

The good news is that LPI is tapped into a deep well of political experience and rather than complain about those barriers, we help candidates overcome them by providing expertise in key areas:

  • Outreach and media relations: LPI has the skills to ensure a candidate is visible in their communities and prominent in the media
  • Data-driven campaigning: The best campaigns collect and analyze data so they can respond to the needs of their constituents
  • Strategy: We arm candidates with the knowledge and tools necessary to champion their message to key constituencies and to respond to a dynamic campaign environment
  • Writing: Our skilled writers will help candidates refine their message without losing their voice
  • Design: LPI will assist candidates in meeting the demand of a modern campaign to have visually appealing printed and online materials
  • Ballot access: We have deep experience in getting candidates on the ballot despite the institutional barriers to competition

Hitting the ground running

Beyond those institutional barriers, and in no small part because of them, communities across the country are faced with a shocking number of elections that go uncontested year after year. The Libertarian Policy Institute has identified a number of states where legislators earn tenure due to a lack of competitiveness and will use this strategy to inject competition. We are committed to ensuring voters have access to candidates who reflect their values.

The Libertarian Policy Institute will spend 2022 organizing, strategizing, and mobilizing to support candidates and policymakers in enacting public policy with real people and real freedom in mind.

This past Tuesday, we released our 2021 Year in Review. Reflecting on the last year has highlighted the importance of our mission, and the elections coming in November have provided the perfect opportunity to uphold it. If you’re just as committed as we are to injecting political competition in stagnant constituencies and making the world a better, freer, and more prosperous place, become a sustaining donor today.

Beyond financial backing, this is work that will require many hands. If you have experience in campaigning, data, design, writing, or any other field that has provided you with skills you think can support this mission, reach out to us here on our website, via email, or on our social media.

Richard Manzo


Operations Director at the Libertarian Policy Institute